Austin, famous for its vibrant culture of music and entertainment,
provides abundant choices for food lovers. It provides the Austin
community and the visitors with a wide choice of food ranging from the
native Texan, to Mexican, to European, to Asian. Indian cuisine, famous
for its use of exotic herbs and spices, is no exception in Austin and it
attracts people from all walks of life alike.

Star of India is the best restaurant in Austin serving authentic North
Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine comes in various flavors and styles from
various parts of India. The most famous is the North Indian cuisine
with its mouth watering dishes like Chana Masala Matter Paneer,
Shrimp Vindaloo, Lamb Curry, Chicken Kabob, Tandoor Naan,
Vegetable Biryani etc. to name just a few.

Service at Star Of India is attentive and professional with your every
need being met. The bar offers a selection of Indian beers to enjoy
with your meal along with a selection of domestic and imported beers
and wines.  The cuisine we present is rooted in the rich heritage of
northern India. It is authentically prepared in our restaurant, just as
we would enjoy in our own home. And while you enjoy our hospitality,
please consider our home yours.
Welcome !
Indian Restaurant
Star of India